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Beaver Lake Striper Guided Fishing is a HUNT for BIG GAME!

Your Beaver Lake Trophy Striper Fishing Guide will help you stalk your prey with the up most stealth and the proper gear for the job. A heavy rod equipped with a large reel capable of holding several hundred yards of heavy line and strong hook's are an absolute requirement.

Constant line pressure is a must!

Beaver Lake Arkansas Striper seldom jump, so you usually won't see them. You will see the gigantic boils and ask yourself,

  "Is that monster on my line?"

"Is the dip net big enough?"

The sound of your drag screaming will snap you back to reality when the Striper takes off in a straight run of 60 yards or more!

"Can the tackle take this kind of pressure?”

It seems that at any moment something will break!

The powerful Beaver Lake Striper transmit their awesome strength straight into your arms, you will be feeling the "BURN" by the time you wear the BEAST down.

Because of their fighting spirit and large size, Beaver Lake Striper are some of the most fun fish to catch! And since our striped bass grow extremely fast, the majority of Beaver Lake Striper caught are BIG FISH. Striper exceding 40lbs are common which makes Beaver Lake a "World Class" Trophy Striper destination!

Beaver Lake Striper are a member of the true bass family that also includes white bass and the hybrid striped bass. Striper run in schools and are not generally predictable. You may have great success in a particular spot one day, and the very next day you may have little luck at all, so you hire a Proffessional Beaver Lake Striper Fishing Guide like Bailey's Beaver Lake Guide Service because I am “on the fish” day in and day out. Beaver Lake Striper cover lots of water mainly because they are following whatever they might be feeding on that particular day. And when I put you on a school of Beaver Lake Striper, you will be in luck, because you usually catch several at a time.

Beaver Lake Arkansas Striper Fishing Guide Mike Bailey is familiar with the habits and haunts of Beaver Lake Striper.

Beaver Lake Striped Bass prefer clear water and are often found near the surface, that means they may be easiy to find but also easier to spook. As a proffessional Beaver Lake striper fishing guide I will pay close attention to all areas around our boat as far as you can see often using binoculars so we don't run up on a school too quickly and scatter them.

Beaver Lake Striper prefer live bait!

Any Beaver Lake Striper Guide understands that fresh live bait can the best bait to use. Another reason why you hire a Striper Fishing Guide like Bailey's Beaver Lake Striper Fishing Guide Service, since live bait are very hard to catch and keep, I will have the best bait on Beaver Lake.

Water temperature is vital!

Water temperature plays an important role in the success of Beaver Lake Striper fishing. Beaver Lake Striper can be caught in any season if you are knowledgeable about their habits. If you are Striper fishing in the summer, then you will need to troll deeper waters. I have State of the art Lowrance electronic's that can determine the depth that baitfish are swimming, then we will present our Striper bait in the "ZONE"!

As fall approaches, you will need to progressively move your bait into shallower water as the water cools. Winter means that the water temperature has dropped significantly, especially in deeper waters. Beaver Lake Striper will be close to the surface, hunting for warmer waters and shad. You can actually see them hitting the surface of the water while feeding.

In the spring, Beaver Lake Striper will still be searching for warmer water, and you should, too. Remember, however, that Beaver Lake Arkansas Striper do not like muddy water, so concentrate on clear water. Clear water also attracts their spawning. They may be found in the extreme shallow's of feeder rivers and creeks, especially during spawning in the spring. When fishing on Beaver Lake Arkansas for Trophy Striper, we look for key structures, such as inlets that designate a river, islands, and along bluff banks. We will look in bays and estuaries for striper that might be feeding.

Whether you are using live bait or working with artificials, searching for Beaver Lake Arkansas Striper with Bailey's Beaver Lake Striper Fishing Guide Service, it is an exciting and educational way to spend the day on the water!

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Striper fishing guide service

Striper fishing guide service

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Striper fishing guide service